Biden Admin Thwarted, Texas Secures Major Victory in Border Battle

( – An October 30th ruling from a federal judge will at least temporarily prohibit the Biden administration from snipping concertina wire erected by Texas officials along the state’s border with Mexico. The barriers, which were initially installed by National Guard troops on orders from Governor Abbott, were meant to combat illegal alien crossings.

Following the Lone Star State’s September installation of a floating barrier in the middle of the Rio Grande adjacent to the town of Eagle Pass, Texas officials became involved in a tit-for-tat back and forth of sorts with the White House. Conservative pundits and voters by and large viewed the obstructions as necessary and their liberal counterparts saw them as inhumane.

Another federal judge ordered that the floating impediment be removed shortly after it was deployed. Gov. Abbott’s response shortly thereafter was to simply begin installing razor wire in a number of locations. Upon apparent orders from the White House, officials with the Department of Homeland Security began targeting the razor wire barriers.

Agents were seen cutting and in some cases removing the obstructions altogether. Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General, filed suit against the federal government and argued that the Biden administration had illegally given DHS agents the authority to engage in the destruction of property that belonged to the State of Texas.

Judge Alia Moses of Texas’ Western District sided with AG Paxton and ordered the DHS to cease what she said was their disassembling, degradation, and altering of the state’s Rio Grande-adjacent razor wire installations. Paxton noted in his injunction request that what began as a DHS operation with bolt cutters quickly escalated to “industrial-strength forklifts” being used to completely dismantle the Texas border fence.

The AG cited a particular instance in which he said agents ripped the fence completely up and out of the desert ground and held it up while waving “well over 300” illegal migrants underneath it and into the state.

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