Biden Admin Under Fire for Failing To Address Formula Shortage

Biden Admin Under Fire for Failing To Address Formula Shortage

Biden SKEWERED For Turning A Blind Eye To Growing Crisis

( – Anyone searching supermarket shelves for baby formula right now is likely to discover nothing but almost-empty shelves. Formula shortages have become alarmingly frequent in nearly every state, following closely behind a slew of food and essentials shortages over the past year. The Biden Administration now faces renewed criticism for failing to implement a working solution as parents struggle just to keep infants fed.

While supply chain issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic certainly put a strain on the availability of baby formula, the true shortage began in September after officials deemed an Abbott, Michigan facility unsafe. Yet, American families are still seeing a severe baby formula shortage even now, over six months later.

Margaret Brennan with CBS’s “Face the Nation” set out to get answers from US Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Brennan mentioned the ongoing formula shortage, noting how President Biden continues to assure Americans that action is coming. She then asked why it was taking so long for the government to resolve the problem.

Buttigieg replied that the White House has been working on a solution to the issue since day one. He redirected the blame toward the plant in Abbott, citing its closure as a major trigger.

The secretary also pointed out that America is capitalist; the government isn’t in charge of making baby formula. He also blamed the concentrated market for contributing to poor availability while explaining that the Biden Administration plans to buy the formula from Europe. It apparently intends to import the supply to help feed American infants.

While Buttigieg certainly isn’t wrong — America is, in fact, capitalist — one important question remains. Will the administration’s latest measure be enough, or is it simply too late?

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