Biden Administration Considers Additional Staffing at Cuba Embassy in Wake of Unrest

Biden Administration Considers Additional Staffing at Cuba Embassy in Wake of Unrest

( – On Monday, July 19, President Joe Biden ordered State Department officials to review US Embassy staffing levels in Havana, Cuba. He also ordered the creation of a working group to consider methods so people in the US can send money and other aid directly to their loved ones in Cuba.

The administration reportedly has been reviewing its Cuban policy the last six months, but the anti-government uprising and law enforcement’s violent crackdown on protesters appear to have sped things up.

Nearly two weeks after the crisis in Cuba began, it the Biden administration has conceded that more US intervention is warranted. At best, the Biden administration’s message on the Cuban protests has been confusing. On July 12, Biden issued a statement expressing support for the Cuban people. The following day, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced the US would not accept any refugees from Cuba by sea.

A senior Biden administration official told the Miami Herald the United States “is actively pursuing measures” to hold Cuba’s Communist regime “accountable” for its actions. For instance, the Department of Treasury is considering imposing new sanctions targeting government officials responsible for Cuba’s current repressive state.

The Biden administration is also working to intensify diplomatic pressure on Cuba to support democracy using America’s regional and international partners.

It’s good to finally see them taking a more proactive approach to the troubling situation. Now, perhaps, it can start directing some much-needed attention to the crisis at the US-Mexico border.

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