Biden Administration’s Latest Move Proves They Want Eternal Mask Mandates

Biden Administration's Latest Move Proves They Want Eternal Mask Mandates

( – The COVID-19 pandemic saw the implementation of mask mandates on public transport, especially in airports and on flights. A federal judge recently blocked the agency from enforcing the restriction nationwide. As a result, public transportation providers no longer have to enforce mask mandates, and the country’s top four airlines and railroad carrier Amtrak eliminated its restrictions. Biden administration officials plan to appeal the judge’s decision to keep the mandate in place.

Kathryn Mizelle, a US District Judge in the Middle District of Florida, claimed the mandate was unlawful due to it exceeding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) authority. She also detailed how the CDC has failed to explain the reason for such mandates adequately. The Daily Wire reported that the Department of Justice has sided with the CDC, disagreeing with Mizelle’s decision.

As a result, President Biden has announced his administration’s intention to appeal the judge’s ruling. A reporter asked Biden whether or not people should continue to wear masks on planes. He replied the decision was up to them. Going by the video above, it doesn’t seem like people want to wear masks on flights. Besides, if it’s up to them, why force them to in the first place?

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