Biden Attacks Florida With New COVID-19 Travel Plan

Biden Attacks Florida With New COVID-19 Travel Plan

( – Joe Biden trashed then-President Donald Trump for issuing a travel ban on China in January 2020 in response to the looming coronavirus pandemic. He accused Trump of ignoring science and resorting to “hysteria” and “fear-mongering” instead of leading the nation through a global emergency.

About a month later, he launched another attack on Trump, this time for his ban on European nations after health officials discovered the coronavirus was spreading across the nation’s eastern states from there.

Biden took to Twitter, posting that travel bans would not stop the spread of COVID-19. He glibly concluded by predicting every country and any person worldwide could fall victim to the disease.

Biden Performs About-face

Biden has done a complete reversal on that thinking now that he’s in office. On February 10, the Miami Herald reported that the Biden administration is deciding whether to impose travel restrictions domestically, including entry to or leaving from Florida. Of particular concern are highly-contagious new variants of the coronavirus thought to be working their way across the United States.

Although initial news reports briefly mentioned California, it appears the Biden administration is focusing its attention primarily on Florida. However, that raises concerns about the regime’s possible motivation considering coronavirus cases have declined in the Sunshine State in recent weeks.

Marco Rubio Fires Back

Not one to hold back words, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) punched back at Biden’s hypocrisy during an interview with Fox News show “Fox and Friends.” He also sent a letter to Biden, calling his plan an outrage and an “authoritarian” measure lacking a legal basis and scientific support.

He suggested that if Biden really wanted to help Floridians, he could always fast-track access to doses of the vaccine instead of doing his best to destroy the state’s economy. With any luck, the Biden administration takes that advice and quits tinkering around with enhanced restrictions.

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