Biden Attacks Voters Who Think They’re Better Off Under Trump

Biden Attacks Voters Who Think They're Better Off Under Trump

( – With less than three weeks until the November election, Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden decides insulting voters’ intelligence is a wise campaign strategy? Maybe he was better off hiding out in his basement. Then again, voters deserve to hear what he thinks — don’t they?

A reporter managed to corner Biden on October 12 and asked him about recent polling showing 56% of registered voters think they’re doing better now than four years ago.

Incredibly, Biden punched back at voters suggesting they probably shouldn’t “think that [way].” Continuing, he added “their memory” wasn’t “very good” if they felt that way.

As you can see from the tweet posted above, the Trump campaign’s Director of Strategic Response Francis Brennan quickly weighed in, reminding Americans of Biden’s past problems with memory lapses.

Perhaps he’s correct, and there’s some truth to the rumors of Biden suffering the onset of some kind of aging dementia. Americans will likely never get a straight answer to that question. They can consider his record, however, when they vote on November 3.

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