Biden Bribe Audio All a Hoax? GOP Speaks Out

( – Suggesting they don’t know if audio recordings exist confirming an alleged bribery scandal involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and a Ukrainian oil executive, a number of Republican legislators are voicing their concerns on the matter. “We’re not sure,” is the latest answer given by Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. Correspondingly, Republican Senator Ron Johnson said, “We don’t know.”

Although Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a prominent Republican, made similar recent acknowledgments: he pointed out that not knowing if the tapes exist does not negate the possibility of their existence. In a Capitol Hill grilling, FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate declined to answer Cruz’s question as to whether or not a whistleblower document containing allegations of presidential bribery exists. This seemed strange considering that Abbate’s boss, Christopher Wray, already confirmed the document does exist.

Abbate responded with “I’m not gonna get into that, Senator.” 17 recordings are alleged to exist, 15 of which are of the President’s son, Hunter. The remaining 2, allegedly, are of President Biden.

Beyond possessing documents, Cruz asked Abbate if the FBI was in possession of the actual recordings of the President alleged in the previously unacknowledged, though now acknowledged, whistleblower form. Cruz then asked specifically if the FBI would commit to releasing said audio tapes, but was unable to get much more from the Deputy Director than “I’m not gonna comment,” and “I’m not gonna get further into that.”

In 2011, President Barack Obama released his birth certificate after a lengthy period of time in which Republican politicians promoted the idea that he was ineligible for the presidency because he was not a natural-born citizen. Many said the move on his part was politically calculated, as the end result saw Republicans both discredited and embarrassed. It is yet to be seen if the Biden administration is engaging the media and their political enemies in a manner akin to that of Obama’s actions.

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