Biden Caught Sending Underage Immigrants to New York State

Biden Caught Sending Underage Immigrants to New York State

( – The Southern Border remains in crisis as the US attempts to process the influx of immigrants due to Biden’s open border policy. Meanwhile, the president appears to have a secret operation underway as flights from Texas to New York carry underage immigrants in the dead of night. What’s with the secrecy, and where exactly are the children going?

According to US Customs and Border Protection data, agents caught more than 37,000 underage migrants crossing the US-Mexico border in July and August alone. Both months saw inflated numbers of immigrants attempting to gain entry into the country.

Sending Some to New York

According to the New York Post, two planes landed at the Westchester County Airport in New York, one on Wednesday night and another on Friday night. Allegedly, most of the passengers who deplaned appeared to be minors, while a handful appeared to be men in their 20s.

The Post indicates that witnesses spotted several passengers with their families or sponsors later in New Jersey. The media outlet said other passengers arrived at the MercyFirst campus in the early morning hours of October 16. MercyFirst, which the Catholic Sisters of Mercy sponsors in Syosset, Long Island, is a non-profit organization that houses migrant children.

Others Sent to Florida

In Jacksonville, FL, another plane carrying underage migrants landed Saturday night. The Post reported 10-15 minors carrying duffel bags and wearing white baseball hats departed the plane and shuffled into a charter bus. The bus traveled to Twin Oaks Academy, a juvenile detention center about two hours away.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) quickly criticized the president. Christina Pushaw, his spokeswoman, questioned why the transfers happened with such seeming secrecy if Biden believed his border policies were good for the nation.

The governor has a point: What’s with the secrecy if these immigrants are supposed to help America? Who will take care of the children, and who’s paying to keep them at detention centers and other government facilities? Is this latest move really giving anyone a better life?

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