Biden Considers Three Black Women for Supreme Court Vacancy

Biden Considers Three Black Women for Supreme Court Vacancy

( – President Joe Biden promised to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer with a black woman some time ago. The announcement was immediately controversial, with some observers demanding that everyone get a fair shot regardless of their race. Biden did manage recently to narrow the decision down to three candidates, all of whom are persons of color.

The White House has already worked to increase the number of black women in federal courts but now has the opportunity to make history.

According to the Associated Press, an unidentified person close to the issue said the president has met with Judges Leondra Kruger, Ketanji Brown Jackson, and J. Michelle Childs about filling the high court vacancy. Biden has yet to indicate whether he is speaking with other candidates, but the three that have been named thus far have solid resumes.

Jackson continues to be a favorite. Former President Obama nominated her to serve as a district court judge before Biden promoted her to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. Jackson served as a law clerk for the retiring Justice Breyer in the early stages of her career.

Kruger graduated from Yale’s Law School and Harvard University before becoming a federal lawyer and arguing dozens of cases before the Supreme Court bench. She has also served as a Supreme Court clerk and is currently an associate justice for California’s Supreme Court.

Childs is currently serving as a federal judge in South Carolina and was nominated but not confirmed to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. She entered the race as a favorite of James Clyburn (D-SC) and other high-profile lawmakers.

The president narrowed his choices down to at least three women but promised to finalize his pick by the end of February. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki noted that Biden has yet to announce a final decision. Is he on track to meet his deadline?

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