Biden: Downed Craft Not Spy Probes

( – President Joe Biden told the nation on February 16th that the three aerial craft recently shot down by military planes were not spy devices.

Since the downing of a Chinese spy balloon on February 4th off the eastern coast of the US, the military response to unidentified flying objects has been much snappier. The original Chinese balloon, carrying an equipment payload the size of a city bus, floated across the US undisturbed for a week before the President finally took action.

But in recent weeks, the military seems to have moved to more of a “shoot now, ask questions later” stance. Since the original balloon, US military jets have downed at least six more unidentified craft.

Biden said he gave the order for these to be shot down because he couldn’t rule out the possibility that they were spy devices.

The most recent three, however, were not likely to be spy-related – or even from China – the President said. While intelligence staff are still analyzing the situation, Biden said, the three objects are likely from private companies and unrelated to surveillance.

It is unclear if the US will be able to discover the origin of these latest three craft, as jets shot them down over Canada’s Yukon Territory and over Lake Huron. The craft and associated debris were lost.

Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, said leftover wreckage is in remote terrain with harsh weather.

Media coverage of the skies over the US has intensified in February. But the President said there is no evidence of a “sudden increase of objects in the sky.” Instead, the government and citizens are simply noticing them more because of focused attention on the issue.

The Biden administration will set up an inventory of unmanned aerial craft over US airspace, the President said, and the US will improve its ability to detect such craft. He said the Secretary of State will work to “establish common global norms” for aerial craft and their navigation.

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