Biden Family Gathers in Lake Tahoe Amid Special Counsel Investigation

( – Most voters are privy to the repeated gaffes and apparent nap the President took during a memorial service while on the ground in Maui for his whopping six-hour visit on August 21st.

Many may not realize that when he and the First Lady departed the island, they were merely turning on a dime to return to a weeklong vacation in Nevada’s Lake Tahoe. By the end of his stay there, the President will have spent more than a year of his first term vacationing.

Biden’s respite from the Beltway is in one of the nation’s priciest zip codes, where some of the lakeside properties are reported to fetch as much as $30 million. Hunter Biden will join the President and his wife, along with a number of other immediate family members, in an $18 million compound owned by climate activist Tom Steyer.

President Biden’s break from D.C. comes amid mounting scandals that have attached themselves to the command-in-chief. His Department of Justice is under the microscope for their handling of a years-long investigation into his son and the initial plea agreement offered to him relating to tax and gun charges.

The events surrounding the investigation are so unclear that the Attorney General was forced to appoint a Special Counsel to oversee the matter. In doing so, AG Garland caused more controversy, with even those on the left now crying foul.

The Special Counsel appointed by the AG, David Weiss, had already been at the helm of the investigation for years. Weiss is effectively investigating his investigation.

Alongside the DOJ investigation, members of Congress are now peeling apart the Biden family’s finances. Various GOP legislators have alleged the equivalent of longstanding pay-for-play schemes between the President, his son, other members of their family, and foreign entities in places like Ukraine and China.

Lawmakers have alleged that “at least” $20 million in illicit payments flowed into Biden-family bank accounts.

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