Biden FUMBLES – Internet LOSES It Over This Video

Biden Appears To

Biden Appears To “Zone Out” During MSNBC Interview

( – The president had a reputation for making misstatements and gaffes well before he won the White House. Joe Biden’s mental health has long been a topic of controversy, with Republicans claiming he should resign due to cognitive decline, and Democrats doing whatever possible to justify the commander-in-chief’s actions. Biden recently joined MSNBC for an exclusive interview, where he appeared to be dazed and confused and effectively zoned out.

Jonathan Capeheart was interviewing the president when he asked the commander in chief if he planned to run for president again in 2024. Biden declared that was his intention, but he hasn’t made a formal decision yet. The president explained there was plenty of time for him to consider his options. Capeheart then asked if the First Lady would be okay with Biden running again.

The president didn’t answer the MSNBC correspondent. Instead, he appeared to stare off for a few seconds before Capeheart got his attention again. Even after focusing once again on the interviewer, Biden still seemed confused. The head of state struggled to explain that Dr. Biden, his wife, believed what he was doing in the Oval Office was important and that he shouldn’t walk away from it.

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