Biden Gives Border Order Amid Crisis

Biden Gives Border Order Amid Crisis

( – Unaccompanied migrant children have been streaming across the nation’s southern border for several weeks. The Biden administration has taken to blaming Donald Trump for the mounting crisis while denying one even exists. Its latest move is perhaps its most confusing one so far. Here’s what they’re doing.

As usual, the Biden administration adamantly denied the existence of a border crisis during its March 22 White House press briefing. However, at about the same time, the State Department quietly announced the appointment of career diplomat Ricardo Zúñiga as Special Envoy for Latin America’s Northern Triangle, a region that includes Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

One of his main duties in that position will be to coordinate administration efforts to control “irregular migration” to the United States and address migration’s root causes. He’ll work with the Northern Triangle nations and Mexico’s national governments to stem the tide arriving daily at the border.

Despite inheriting a safe border from the Trump administration, Team Biden appears hellbent on playing games. It denies a crisis exists only to create a new diplomatic position to address the issue.

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