Biden Goes For The Throat On Guns – More Lies

Biden Misrepresents Firearms Facts --- Again

Biden Misrepresents Firearms Facts — Again

( – Like many Democrats, President Biden has taken a hard stance against guns. In his effort to pass restrictions on gun ownership, the commander in chief has repeatedly misled the public about firearms. The president has once again attempted to paint “assault weapons” in a bad light as he pushes for gun control.

Fact checkers have debunked many of the president’s claims, such as his insistence a firearm chambered in the popular 9mm could blow the “lung out of the body,” in late May. More recently, on August 30, Biden declared that the bullet coming out of an AR-15, which he often refers to as a “weapon of war,” moves “five times” as fast as the bullet shot from “any other gun.” The president added the bullet was fast enough to pierce Kevlar, one detail he didn’t get wrong. Many centerfire rifle cartridges will penetrate the body armor unless it’s reinforced with steel, ceramic, or composite.

Just over a week ago, on September 23, Biden spoke at the National Education Association headquarters in Washington, DC, where he once again claimed the bullet coming out of a “weapon of war” moved “five times” as fast as one coming from most guns. The president asserted there was “no justification” for having such a dangerous device.

Gunners Den, which provides the ballistics on several different calibers, including the 5.56x45mm, the most commonly used in AR-15s, offered some actual stats. The group’s data indicated the muzzle velocity for this type of round, or the speed at which the projectile exited the barrel, was just over 3,100 feet per second — hardly five times faster than most other guns. In fact, the information Gunners Den provided showed 5.56x45mm wasn’t five times faster than any other centerfire rifle muzzle velocity.

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