Biden Heads To Europe After Cluster Munitions Announcement

( – President Joe Biden began his five-day tour of Europe with an awkward exchange during a ceremonial troop inspection at Windsor Castle on July 10th. Prince Charles appeared as if he was forced to interrupt an unplanned conversation the American head of state insisted on having with a member of his honor guard. Many outlets are reporting that Biden seemed confused during the interaction.

After his meeting with the King, the President briefly met with the country’s Prime Minister. His schedule for July 11th and 12th is set for travel to Lithuania, where he will attend a NATO summit. While there Biden will discuss rising threats posed by Russia and climate change, according to a statement from the White House.

The President’s trip comes as the administration is receiving blanket criticism for their decision to provide Ukraine with cluster munitions. The weapon system has been banned by over 100 countries, including NATO members like the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

One report showed that 97 percent of casualties suffered from cluster ammunition are civilians. Of that total, the report says the majority are children.

Biden admitted to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in a July 9th interview that NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine against Russia has depleted American stockpiles of 155 mm artillery rounds. One administration official said Biden’s decision to provide President Zelenskyy with cluster bombs is only a “bridge” until more ammunition can be manufactured and sent to Ukraine.

The country formally applied for membership in NATO in 2022, but the Western alliance has stated they will not admit the former Soviet republic until their war with Russia ends. Biden is expected to discuss a way forward for the country while in Lithuania. He has previously stated that NATO must give Ukraine a “rational path” to membership.

Biden has said that should Russia choose to attack one NATO country, all the member countries would be at war with them by default.

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