Biden Ignores High Costs, Greenlights Wind Project Anyway

( – On July 5th, the Biden administration greenlit a massive wind turbine project off the coast of New Jersey despite intense pushback from a number of interests. Almost 100 windmills and three power substations will be installed by an American subsidiary of Danish parent company Orsted A/S as part of the “Ocean Wind 1” umbrella project.

Bloomberg has reported the effort will lead to significantly inflated energy costs. Locals, residents throughout the state, and conservation groups have all voiced heavy opposition to the project. They cite both fiscal and environmental concerns.

Energy captured offshore from wind is nearly 3.5 times as expensive as energy produced by natural gas. Subsidized wind energy captured from water-based projects is reported to have risen almost 50% in price since 2021. In 2022 only 10% of electricity used in the U.S. was derived from wind sources, according to government statistics.

Environmentalists have been alerting legislators that wind farming may need to cease citing concern for an endangered whale species. Beach strandings are on the rise according to one study. Since December of 2022 at least 37 dolphins and 37 whales are said to have been stranded on the East Coast. Several whale deaths have also been attributed to boat strikes.

A May 2023 poll revealed that 39% of New Jersey residents want to pause the development of offshore wind projects pending further investigation of their logistical and environmental impacts. Only 35% of residents want them to proceed.

New Jersey State Senator Ed Durr estimates that up to $1 billion in subsidies could be pocketed by Orsted A/S.

New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith says that in addition to the projects requiring taxpayer subsidies to stay afloat, they also have unknown national security, environmental, maritime, and economic implications.

Residents already under a heavy tax burden now face the added prospect of higher energy prices. The plans will be “adding insult to injury,” he said.

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