Biden Introduces New Gun Control Policy

Biden Introduces New Gun Control Policy

( – Joe Biden ran part of his campaign on what every Democrat seemingly does; gun control. With Biden now in the Oval Office, many worried it was only a matter of time before he infringed on the Second Amendment. Just over a year into his term, he announced a new gun control policy.

The president’s most recent gun-grabbing attempt is the same as previous efforts; it’s pointless and redundant. After all, criminals don’t follow the law to begin with, why would they start now?

The White House announced its new policy moves in a recent press release, stating that it would begin launching new gun control measures, such as the National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative (NGGEI). The statement explained that the NGGEI would train a national team of prosecutors to analyze prosecutorial and investigative tools to build and try cases against people committing crimes while using ghost guns, untraceable weapons purchased online and assembled at home.

The press release also touched on Biden’s plan to bolster actions against gun dealers without a Federal Firearm License (FFL). FFL dealers run a buyer through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to ensure they’re legally able to purchase a firearm, new or used. Private sellers can skip this process, selling a gun to their neighbor, or other interested parties.

Like his Democratic predecessors, President Biden is going after the Second Amendment as he blames guns for the crime rate spike. Meanwhile, the president fails to secure the US-Mexico border where criminals smuggle illegal guns into the country among drugs and other illegal items on an ongoing basis. Go figure!

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