Biden Invites Irish Leader to ‘Lick the World’

( – President Joe Biden seems to have an unusual ability to speak nonsense and gather applause for it.

During a speech at Dublin Castle on April 13th, Biden told Irish government leaders that he wanted to “lick the world” along with them, for which he received a standing ovation.

After delivering politician-standard bromides such as “there’s nothing our nations can’t achieve if we do it together,” the president suggested the doing-it-together should take the form of co-world-licking with Irish leaders.

“So, thank you all, God bless you all. And let’s go–let’s go la-lick the world. Let’s get it done. Thank you,” he said.

Observers can be forgiven for wondering which definition of the word “lick” the President may have meant. While the verb “to lick” can mean “to beat” an opponent, it can also mean sliding the tongue along a surface.

Social media users seemed baffled, with some asking if the quotation was real. 

Among American presidents, Biden has an unusual interest in ice cream, if that is measured by how frequently he mentions the dairy dessert. He frequently appears at ice cream stands, which never fails to fascinate the press corps.

In a scene reminiscent of a child’s birthday party, Biden appeared at an ice cream stand in Ohio in May 2021. Reporters asked him which flavor of ice cream was his favorite.

“Chocolate chocolate chip!” he shouted, which elicited a chorus of “woo!” from the group of largely female reporters. 

Biden seemed to be more popular with the human guests at Dublin Castle than those of a canine persuasion. Video from earlier in the day showed the Irish president’s dog, Misneach, barking at Biden.

It is widely known that Biden often misspeaks, or makes remarks that are out of context and hard to understand. Major media insist on calling these “gaffes”. Before the licking affair, Biden drew raised eyebrows by confusing a New Zealand rugby team called the All Blacks with a British police force from the 1920s called the Black and Tans that occupied Ireland. 

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