Biden Is Begging for Oil From Canada But Won’t Reconsider Keystone XL Pipeline

Biden Is Begging for Oil From Canada But Won't Reconsider Keystone XL Pipeline

( – A new Wall Street Journal report suggests the Biden administration is searching for creative solutions to critically high gas prices triggered by the war in Ukraine. One of the government’s most recent ideas would significantly boost the import of Canadian oil. Yet, President Joe Biden and his officials are apparently staunchly refusing to even consider reopening the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.

The Biden administration instead looks to increase imports by rail. Existing pipelines can’t handle the volume of product necessary to meet current needs.

Keystone XL, which former President Donald Trump’s administration approved during his tenure in office, was still under construction when Biden first stepped into the White House. The current commander-in-chief almost immediately blocked the project’s permit, forcing the developer to permanently shut it down.

The increased need for Canadian oil is now forcing Biden to answer tough questions about that particular decision. Was it a mistake to shut down the pipeline?

The issue of the Keystone pipeline aiding the US in 2022 is, unfortunately, somewhat philosophical in nature. According to Reuters, developers finalized just 8% of the project’s infrastructure before Biden revoked their permit in 2021. Completing it and bringing it online would take several additional years, rendering it an ineffective solution for the present crisis.

Exactly where the blame for that issue lies, however, is up for debate. Biden’s previous boss, former President Barack Obama, also held the project up during his tenure. It is difficult to predict whether the US might have been able to utilize the vital crude running from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico had these failed policies been different.

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