Biden Is Losing Racial Minorities In New Polls

( – President Joe Biden is facing historical lows in his approval ratings in nearly every survey conducted in recent years, even among Democrats.

Americans are noticing a political realignment that has traditionally Democratic or Republican demographic groups changing sides, and one of the markers is the defection of ethnic minorities from the Democrat camp. A June 6th poll by FiveThirtyEight found that Biden lost the support of a huge number of Hispanic voters between spring 2021 and today.

In April 2021, the polling outfit found that 65 percent of Hispanics approved of Biden as president. Today, the percentage is only 40 percent. While the drop in Hispanic support for the Biden Administration is the most extreme among the demographics measured, the President has been losing support from a variety of ethnic and cultural demographic groups that have long been thought of as “locked in” to the Democratic party.

For example, 80 percent of blacks surveyed in spring 2021 supported the president, but that number is just above 70 percent today. This may give pause to a president famously known for telling voters they “ain’t black” if they voted for Donald Trump and not for Biden.

Whites too have less enthusiasm for the Biden administration today than in the recent past. In spring 2021, just less than half of white voters said they supported President Biden. But today, that number is 12 points lower, pointing to trouble for the oldest president in American history.

Biden recently announced that he intends to run for president again in 2024. If he were to complete a second term, he would be 86 years old at the end of it, by far the oldest person ever to serve as chief executive of the U.S.

Efforts by the Biden campaign to reach Hispanic voters in the 2020 election campaign did not fare well. Analysts and pollsters were surprised to find much higher support for Donald Trump among Hispanics in Florida and Texas than had been seen before.

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