Biden Labels Xi ‘Dictator’ After China’s Taiwan Claims

( – President Joe Biden’s skills as they relate to international diplomacy are seemingly being called into question by outlets across the political spectrum. During a November 15 press conference and for the second time in his Presidency, the American head-of-state again opined that his Chinese counterpart was a dictator.

The President’s post-conference question and answer session with reporters following the conclusion of San Francisco’s U.S.-China summit yielded a query from a journalist in which they asked Biden if he thought Xi Jinping was still deserving of a “dictator” label. “Look, he is,” the President told MJ Lee of CNN.

A number of outlets have reported that Biden’s first reference to Xinping with the totalitarian designator was in June of this year. At the time, the Commander-in-Chief was recalling orders that he had given to the U.S. Air Force in late February to shoot down what has come to be known as the “Chinese spy balloon.”

He told reporters that the destruction of the intelligence-gathering device was an “embarrassment for dictators” and his statement referred to the Sino leader by name. For those who may have forgotten, Biden allowed the balloon in question to traverse the skies from Alaska to South Carolina before finally ordering it to be shot down.

The 81-year-old President’s latest reference to Jinping as a dictator was followed by a tweet from a Chinese government spokeswoman in which they suggested the Biden administration support what she called the unstoppable reunification of China and Taiwan. Many are of the opinion that China plans on taking the democratic island nation by force if necessary and the issue has long been a point of contention between the U.S. and China.

Subsequent reports on Biden’s San Francisco “dictator” reference pointed out the reaction and facial expression of Secretary of State Antony Blinken after the President affirmed the reporter’s question. America’s chief diplomat can be seen appearing to wince.

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