Biden Labor Nominee in Doubt

( – President Joe Biden’s nominees for federal agencies have been having a tough time in Congress, and his pick for Secretary of Labor isn’t winning much support.

Julie Su, currently acting Secretary of Labor, is a favorite among left-leaning groups that prioritize “woke” identity politics over effective policy. This is why she is getting resistance from conservative lawmakers.

California business groups have criticized her handling of labor regulations on employment when she headed that state’s labor department. At the federal level, no Republicans have shown enthusiasm for her, and the Democratic side may not help her either.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), who sometimes breaks ranks with his party to the chagrin of Democrats and the White House, seems to take issue with Su. If Manchin doesn’t vote for her, every other Democrat will have to do so in order to confirm Su.

Su has a long track record of advocating leftist policies on race issues. A former civil rights lawyer, she supports “critical race theory” (CRT). CRT has been criticized by centrists and conservatives for proposing that white people are essentially born with special privileges and racial biases in a “white supremacist” society and must constantly work to balance the scales for “oppressed” groups.

The Asian American Pacific Islanders Civic Engagement Fund, a left-wing group, praised her in 2022 for helping to “push the leading edge of CRT in the legal academy.” Leftists have recently begun to combine people from countries like Japan and Thailand with those who live in the Pacific Islands as if all such people shared a common culture. The fairly new term for this alleged “group” is Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI).

During a Critical Race Theory conference in 1997 held at Yale University, Su told the attendees to “make your theories into . . . foundation proposals that will get us funding for front-line activism and in-your-face street work”. Like many federal government officials on the left, Su appears to believe the job of the government is social activism.

Su’s Senate confirmation hearing is scheduled for April 20th. 

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