Biden Laughs Off Latest Poll Numbers

Biden Laughs Off Latest Poll Numbers

( – President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have taken a nose-dive in the wake of his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. A reporter broached the subject with him during a televised White House press conference on August 22. His response took many by surprise, as evidenced by media reports and social media responses to the incident.

CBS Senior White House correspondent Ed O’Keefe asked Biden what he thought about the recent CBS/YouGov poll. One that found a majority of Americans no longer considered him to be “competent, focused, or effective” at his job. Biden responded that he hadn’t seen the poll and started laughing.

However amusing the president might find his polling numbers, the reason for their recent dip is serious business. Fifty-three percent (53%) of the people polled said they disapproved of his handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan compared to 40% in July.

Biden’s overall approval rating slipped 8 points from July down to only 50%. In March, 62% of the individuals polled said they approved of his job performance.

Only 49% of individuals surveyed said they thought Biden’s actions as president were competent, 48% approved of his focus, and 47% said they considered him effective at his job.

Perhaps his response was a knee-jerk response to hearing the news of his slipping approval ratings. Maybe it’s indicative of something else. Regardless, it seems now is the time for reflection on his part, given the serious nature of the crisis in Afghanistan.

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