Biden-Linked Oligarch Wins Extradition

( – The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has discharged the extradition request for a Romanian businessman with strong ties to the Biden family. Gabriel Popoviciu took refuge in the U.K. after fleeing his country of origin following a 2016 conviction on corruption charges. A six-year court battle ensued, but Popoviciu emerged the winner.

Romanian authorities had deemed him a fugitive businessman and were insistent on his return. U.K. courts ruled that judicial corruption in the country had prevented the Romanian national from receiving a fair trial. They did not necessarily clear him of involvement with or corruption related to his well-known interactions with members of the Biden family.

Hunter Biden and his associates were allegedly paid $3 million by Popoviciu over a three-year period beginning in 2015. According to records released by the House Oversight Committee, the Romanian funneled 17 payments from an LLC based in Cyprus to another LLC managed by Rob Walker, who was a business partner of Hunter Biden.

According to the committee, Walker sent at least $1 million of the total sum from his LLC directly to Biden family accounts. Of the 17 alleged payments made by Popoviciu to the President’s son and associates, 16 occurred while Joe Biden was serving as the nation’s Vice President.

Beyond the Oversight Committee’s release of banking records that appear to confirm these transactions, a recent IRS whistleblower has also testified as to being aware of the payments. IRS Special Agent Joseph Zeigler acknowledged the $3 million total when speaking to legislators while under oath in July.

Before Popoviciu fled Romania, the businessman enlisted the help of Hunter Biden in his defense proceedings. The President’s son engaged former Director of the FBI Louis Freeh via email and asked him to “take a look” at the case. The former top official went on to officially work for the oligarch and reportedly offered the President’s son a finders fee.

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