Biden Makes a $6 Billion Deal to Free 5 Hostages in Iran

( – U.S. President Joe Biden will be handing Iranian leadership billions of dollars in ransom as one of the conditions of a prisoner exchange between the two nations.

Five American citizens held hostage in the Shia-majority country will be traded for a handful of Iranian nationals imprisoned in the United States. The trade comes with a caveat. Iran’s mullahs will receive an additional $6 billion in “humanitarian” aid.

Biden’s move appears to have been taken from the playbook of his former boss, President Obama, who oversaw a 2016 prisoner swap with similar terms. At the time, the Obama administration transferred a total of $1.7 billion to the regime, $400 million of which was sent via plane in cash and delivered on pallets.

The ongoing deal with the Islamists is fluid and has a number of steps. Americans currently being held behind bars in Iran will be transferred internally and placed under guarded house arrest. At the same time, the Biden administration will begin to unlock $6 billion in Iranian funds that had been frozen as a result of international sanctions imposed on the country.

The funds in question are reported to be in South Korean banks. Once unfrozen, they will be transferred to the nation of Qatar for eventual disbursement to Iran. Once transfers are complete, prisoners will be put on planes and the exchanges will be made.

Stipulations to the released money dictate that the funds are to be used exclusively to purchase humanitarian aid. Qatar has faced past accusations of allowing hundreds of millions of dollars to flow into the hands of terrorist groups.

Biden’s deal with the Iranians is not the first time the President has been at the helm of billions being transferred to Islamic extremists. Following the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, the DoD determined that at least $7 billion in U.S. equipment had been left behind for the Taliban to commandeer.

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