Biden NAMES Donald Trump – He’s Going For The Throat!

Biden Is Taking Nasty Jabs Against Trump

( – The bad blood between former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden goes back at least to the 2020 election cycle, when they campaigned against each other. With Trump announcing another bid for the White House, it’s no surprise the president has increased his attacks on his rival.

Gearing Up for 2024

Despite not revealing whether he intends to run for reelection in 2024, Biden seems to be gearing up to do so. The president has already taken several jabs at Trump, likely attempting to build a strong campaign against his rival. Biden is already in a good position after Republicans failed to materialize their anticipated red wave in the November midterms. Whether it was the strong performance for Democrats or a dismal one by the GOP doesn’t matter. Biden’s confidence received a major boost as a result.

The president ramping up his attacks against Trump comes as the former commander in chief suffers a decrease in support among Republicans. Lawmakers and other officials have been hesitant to endorse the former leader in his bid for the White House. An ally of Biden told The Hill they believe the commander in chief has recognized that his rival is hurt and under a lot of pressure from the GOP. The ally asserted that when an opponent is struggling, you need to let them struggle, noting the president understands that notion.

Bob and Weave

One of the more notable jabs came from Biden during the annual pre-Thanksgiving turkey-pardoning ceremony. The president asserted that all the votes in the midterms had been verified and tabulated, noting there was no “ballot stuffing” and no indications of “fowl (foul) play.” Biden also joked that the red wave would only occur if his German shepherd, Commander, knocked over the cranberry sauce.

According to The Hill, another jab came when aides for Biden launched a site highlighting the administration’s record the same night Trump announced he was running for office again. Antjuan Seawright, a Democratic strategist, reportedly told the outlet that Biden’s offensive tactic was a smart move.

Seawright said it wasn’t a bad idea for Biden to remind America that Trump was still the leader of the GOP, which could weigh the party down moving forward. The strategist added that Biden’s jabs at his predecessor serve as a reminder of the decision independents and centrists will need to make in 2024 if Trump wins his party’s nomination.

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