Biden Nominee Called “Abusive, Partisan”

( – President Biden’s nominee for Archivist of the United States has run into a snag after Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) heard from a whistleblower claiming the nominee was “abusive” and “partisan.”

President Joe Biden has picked Dr. Colleen Shogan to direct the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Among other duties, NARA archives Presidential papers, including classified documents.

Hawley sent a letter to the Senate Homeland Security Committee asking it to investigate allegations that Shogan behaved abusively to staff and engaged in partisan rhetoric at work.

According to Hawley, the whistleblower formerly supervised Colleen Shogan at the Congressional Research Service (CRS). This person, whose name has not been disclosed, said Shogan had a pattern of “abusive, retaliatory, and partisan conduct” during her time at CRS.

Hawley said this behavior included cheerleading for Democratic party candidates at work, arranging publicity events for Shogan’s own book during work hours, and suppressing reports that Congress demanded. The whistleblower also claimed Shogan undermined the whistleblower’s attempts at job promotions.

During a confirmation hearing on February 28th, Hawley wrote, Shogan refused to produce personal tweets and social media posts Hawley requested that he believed would demonstrate an inability for Shogan to be impartial in her role. Though he avoided the word “lie,” Hawley also said Shogan made repeated “misstatements under oath.”

Shogan openly refused to answer questions, Hawley wrote, defying legitimate Senate requests. She refused to provide details from her social media posts, claiming they were entirely personal, though Hawley disputed that, pointing out several anti-Trump tweets. 

During the hearing, Shogan told the Senate that dealing with the backlog of requests that piled up during the COVID-19 period was her highest priority.

The identity of the whistleblower may not stay confidential for long. Hawley said the individual is willing to go on record with her allegations and will cooperate with the Senate as it investigates.

The whistleblower claims Shogan retaliated against her and forced her to take a job assignment that worsened her known disability and affected her health.

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