Biden Official Announces New Holiday Celebrating Phobias

( – The Biden presidential administration seems to want Americans to be aware of very little except the claims of oppression made by marginalized groups, and it’s taking this awareness campaign to new heights by celebrating a “holiday” about the alleged widespread of people with intersex disorders.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken took to the Twitter social media platform on May 17th to commemorate the so-called International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia, and Transphobia. The left and the woke abbreviate the cumbersome name to an initialism with a Tolkien-esque sound: IDAHOBIT. 

As has become common practice in recent years for leftist activists, this new holiday rolls a number of seemingly disconnected prejudices against various groups under one large umbrella of alleged oppression. Those who are “inter-phobic,” for example, are said to have an irrational fear of or strong prejudices against people with intersex disorders.

Intersex disorders, also known as disorders of sexual development, are rare genetic defects. They can result in a number of conditions that affect the appearance of a person’s body, genitals, or secondary sexual characteristics. This condition was formerly known as “hermaphroditism.”

An “inter-phobic” person would be someone with a prejudice against people with intersex disorders. It is not clear how many individuals have such an aversion, but it seems implausible that there could be very many. The same would apply, presumably, to people who are labeled “biphobic” or “transphobic.” 

Blinken’s Twitter message of “support” said, “We call for an end to harmful conversion therapy practices” that “attempt to change” a person’s “gender identity,” among other characteristics. It is unclear what Blinken may mean by “conversion therapy.” Until recently, the phrase was used to denote what many consider to be abusive practices such as applying pain or discomfort to homosexuals in order to allegedly change their orientation. 

The United Nations  enthusiastically endorses and “celebrates” this new “holiday.” Its page devoted to “IDAHOBIT” displays a picture of Eleanor Roosevelt next to a quotation from the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

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