Biden Popularity Dips Over Crime

( – Several recent polls show President Joe Biden’s popularity ratings dipping, and Americans say they’re displeased with his handling of crime, foreign policy, the economy, and energy policy.

The latest Gallup poll shows Biden at a 40% overall job approval rating with voters. Looking at specific issues, the poll shows only 32% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the economy. 38% said he’s doing a good job on foreign affairs, and the same number said Biden was performing well on energy policy.

The Gallup poll did not ask respondents about their views on crime, but a  new poll from Marist College did. Marist found Biden’s overall job approval rating dropped four points to 42% from its last poll in February.

68% of poll respondents said crime is a “real threat in most communities.”

Liberals and conservatives have generally weighted crime differently in how they order their priorities, and that split was evident in the Marist poll. But even Democrats, who traditionally favor less punitive approaches to crime, indicated anxiety. A majority – 58% – told Marist they see crime as a threat. But 80% of Republicans polled said so, while 69& of Independents said they worry about crime in their communities.

Only 31% of those surveyed said violent crime was being exaggerated or blown out of proportion.

Crime is up across America, but most noticeably in cities governed by heavily Democratic or progressive regimes. Homicides in Portland, Oregon more than doubled since 2019. Chicago’s murder rate climbed 41%, close behind Philadelphia which saw a 45% increase in murders since 2019.

The crime rate has also risen in the nation’s capital. Washington, D.C. City Council’s recent proposed legislation to reduce penalties for criminal acts such as burglary and carjacking caused Congress to step in and quash the soft-on-crime proposal.

31% of Marist poll respondents said the economy was their top concern, followed by “preserving democracy” and health care. 

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