Biden Proposes $100 Billion Foreign Aid Package with Israel and Ukraine Support

( – If you felt like you were about to get fleeced when national security advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters that the White House was drawing up an aid package for the Zelenskyy and Netanyahu governments whose final price tag would be “significantly” higher “than $2 billion,” you were likely not alone.

Sullivan’s October 15th words were only three days before reports began hitting the mainstream that suggested the real total would be at least 50 times higher than what was first suggested. Most would likely agree that the odds are at least reasonable that the Biden administration’s current $100 billion package will actually be higher if it’s finalized by Congress.

Even if that were not the case, most would likely agree that the administration is apt to simply return to our legislators with a fresh request once the current round of funding dries up through the literal expenditure of ammunition in Eastern Europe. Readers may note that Congress recently denied some three months’ worth of funding for the former Soviet satellite, or about $24 billion.

Some lawmakers had reportedly grown weary of what they viewed as an open-ended commitment to a never-ending conflict funded exclusively by their constituents’ tax dollars. That was before the events of October 7th. A byproduct of Hamas’ incursion into Israel appears to be a new and much bigger round of funding for Ukraine.

According to one report, the nation will get the “bulk” of the administration’s proposed package. About $10 billion is slated for the Israelis and the remainder will go towards the defense of Taiwan and the U.S. border crisis.

Although President Biden’s October 19th address did not mention specific totals, it did contain at-length statements about Ukraine and Israel, both of which he said were democracies under the threat of annihilation. Some readers may remember that President Zelenskyy suspended national elections in June 2023.

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