Biden Says “God Save The Queen” Despite Her Passing

Majority Of Biden Administration's Economic Experts Have No Business Experience

( – In a moment that set Twitter alight with speculation concerning the Commander in Chief’s cognitive well-being, President Joe Biden used a term reserved for the British monarchy while speaking at a gun control summit in Connecticut.

“God Save the Queen, man,” the President remarked at the end of his Hartford speech before searching for a way off stage, according to onlookers.

Queen Elizabeth II died in September 2022. Assuming the role of King was Charles III, her son and heir to the throne. The last formal tie Connecticut had to the crown was in 1776 when the state ratified the U.S. Constitution and declared independence as one of the original 13 colonies some 235 years ago.

The President also repeated a line he has used at least three times in the past, and which he attributes each time to actor John Wayne: “dog-faced, lying, pony-soldier.” In Hartford, he used the line in reference to himself, unlike prior occurrences when he referred to others with the quip. While a Western called “Pony Soldier” was released in 1952, it did not star John Wayne, nor did it contain the line used by the President. To date, no script has been found containing this alleged quote from the actor.

Politicians, reporters, and strategists were quick to comment on the President’s faux pas. “I have no idea,” reported one White House correspondent. Evan Berryhill, a strategist, referred to Biden as “truly incapacitated.”

U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw tweeted a picture of George Washington rolling his eyes. Also taking to Twitter was columnist Roman Jankowksi, who wondered when the “25th Amendment” would be invoked.

Following his latest physical, the 80-year-old Biden was described by his White House physician as “vigorous, healthy,” and “fit” to “execute the duties” required by the Presidency. Former White House doctor U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson, who served Presidents Obama and Trump, referred to Biden’s exam as a “cover-up.”

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