Biden Sides With GOP, Refuses to End Filibuster

Biden Sides With GOP, Refuses to End Filibuster

( – Democrats have been chomping at the bit to blow up the filibuster so they can advance their Leftist agenda on the country without any Republican support. With the filibuster out of the way, all they need is a simple majority to pass oppressive measures like their radical election law and human infrastructure package. With the Senate tied 50/50, Vice President Kamala Harris could cast the tie-breaking vote. However, President Joe Biden tossed a wrench into those plans this week.

Biden held a town hall in Cincinnati on July 21. Asked by an attendee about the filibuster, the president responded he wouldn’t mind going back to the standing filibuster, where a senator had to actually stand and speak in order to delay a vote on a measure.

CNN host Don Lemon stepped into the discussion to ask Biden why he wanted to protect the filibuster. Is doing so “more important than protecting voting rights?” Lemon asked.

“No, it is not,” Biden answered.

Lemon pushed back, claiming blowing up the filibuster was the only way to force through the Democrats’ election bill. Biden stood his ground, telling him he didn’t believe that. He still thinks the measure can pass without altering the filibuster in any way.

On the bright side, no one expects 10 Republicans to defect and vote with Democrats, and that would only take them across the finish line if they didn’t lose a single vote.

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