Biden Signs Policing Executive Order on Two-Year Anniversary of George Floyd’s Death

Biden Signs Policing Executive Order on Two-Year Anniversary of George Floyd's Death

King Biden Signs Executive Order That Could Change Policing Forever

( – President Joe Biden made a campaign promise to reform law enforcement in America. At the time, police and protestors were clashing over the death of George Floyd as a result of what many observers called excessive force. Now, on the second anniversary of Floyd’s untimely demise, Biden is taking action with an ambitious executive order poised to trigger police reform at the federal and local levels.

George Floyd’s arrest and sudden passing while in custody triggered activists to call for police reform. Some sought to permanently defund law enforcement agencies instead. While Biden’s new order doesn’t necessarily side with these extreme views, it does push for change.

It contains:

  • A new mandatory registry for local and federal officers who are fired for misconduct
  • Directives forcing all law enforcement agencies to revise their use-of-force policies
  • Grants for states and local municipalities that agree to ban neck or choke holds

The order will also ban police from executing no-knock warrants at the federal level.

According to CBS, civil rights advocates and law enforcement officials believe Biden’s executive order is a step in the right direction. The official signing took place on Wednesday, May 25, but the order won’t become active until July 19.

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