Biden Sings LGBT Community’s Praises

( – Hosted on the White House lawn, “Pride Month 2023” has come to pass with President Biden referring to the attendees and members of the LGBTQ+ community at large as both “brave” and “inspiring.” Likewise, the President remarked that they were an example for the country and the world to follow.

The President was accompanied by the First Lady, who also spoke at the event, which saw several performers and speakers engage with the attendees. Jill Biden commented that the very act of participating in the event should be considered “an act of bravery.”

The President stood before a backdrop of three flags hanging from the White House balcony, the centerpiece of the three being the Pride flag. The rainbow-colored Pride flag was flanked by its American counterpart on both sides.

As part of Pride Month and as per a directive from the United States Department of State, American embassies around the world have been flying pride flags along with that of our country, side by side. In some cases, embassies have done so even in Muslim-majority countries. Expectedly, those embassies received harsh backlash from their host countries. Notably, the American flag was not flown in Saudi Arabia.

While legacy media has portrayed Pride Month, along with the specific White House event, as family-friendly, a transgender model and social media influencer apparently toured the White House grounds while partially naked, bearing their breasts and taking pictures, some of which were with President Biden himself. The “influencer,” Rose Montoya, posted videos and pictures of themselves doing so to their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Well known to vacillate on any number of issues, President Biden joined Tim Russert, now deceased, on his show, Meet the Press, as recently as 2006 and proclaimed that “marriage is between a man and a woman.”

In 2012, Biden changed his stance, publicly stating that he was “absolutely comfortable” with members of the same gender marrying one another.

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