Biden Slams Former White House Official

( – According to a columnist who writes for Politico, President Joe Biden is not a fan of his former boss’s chief of staff. His alleged description of David Axelrod as “a p—y” following the ex-Obama administration official’s recent Twitter diatribe is being widely covered in both mainstream and independent outlets.

On November 5th, The New York Times released polling results on a potential 2024 Biden-Trump matchup that had been gathered by academics at New York’s Siena College. The institution’s findings showed the former President soundly beating the current Leader of the Free World in five out of six toss-up states.

That same day, David Axelrod wondered in a series of five Twitter posts if President Biden should throw in the towel for the overall good of his own party and announce that he has no intention of seeking reelection. According to the Politico columnist, the Commander-in-Chief was having none of it.

Jonathan Martin, the magazine’s writer, is among a score of legacy reporters who have begun to question what appears to be an impending Biden 2024 run. Martin’s November 13 opinion piece laid out what he said was a strategy the President’s advisors could employ to help him regain ground amongst demographics he seems to be losing support from.

Publicly, Martin wrote, Democrats are backing Biden’s perceived reelection campaign. Privately, Martin insisted that those same individuals are telling him that the liberal establishment is suffering from a “level of despair” about Biden’s candidacy that he described as striking.

Both Axelrod and Martin, along with scores of other leftist pundits, talking heads, and writers, have cited Biden’s age and apparent cognitive decline as the chief concern amongst voters. Martin did not reveal who the source was that had fed him the President’s alleged derogatory description of Axelrod.

Elsewhere near the beltway, the President appeared to get lost yet again while laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day.

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