Biden SLIPS – Reveals Relationship With A 12 Year Old

Biden Recognizes Woman in Audience:

Biden Recognizes Woman in Audience: “She Was 12, and I Was 30”

( – Joe Biden has a record of making off-the-wall remarks. The president recently spoke at a Democratic National Committee Event, where he once again went off script and made note of a 12-year-old girl he knew when he was 30. His comments sparked concern among conservatives who criticized his remarks on social media.

Biden was speaking to the nation’s largest teachers’ union, the National Education Association, when he suddenly pointed in the crowd and asserted, “you gotta say hi to me.” Those in attendance laughed about the abrupt interruption before the president explained he and the woman he was pointing at went “back a long way,” adding “she was 12” and he was 30. Biden mentioned she helped him get a lot done.

While the crowd found the exchange to be comedic, not everyone felt the same. Many right-wingers took to Twitter to call out the president’s comments and express their concerns. Kyle Becker, a conservative commentator and CEO of Becker News, noted Biden’s remarks were “just plain creepy.”

Popular right-wing YouTubers, the HodgeTwins, claimed the president’s supposed handlers were likely wincing over his remarks.

Much of the criticism Biden has received over what he said has been in relation to the age difference he described.

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