Biden Snaps At Reporter For Asking About Bribery

( – An exchange at the White House between a reporter and President Joe Biden became testy when the President responded to their question with a question of his own. Why, the reporter queried, does an FBI Whistleblower document alleging Ukrainian bribery “continuously” refer to President Biden as the “Big Guy?”

The President then snapped back to the reporter, “Why do you ask such a dumb question?”

White House staff then began to shuffle reporters out of the room. The meeting, in which the President addressed concert junk fees, was held as tensions between NATO and Russia continue to rise, China continues to level threats at Taiwan – and Republican legislators continue to press the FBI for answers about the President’s involvement with an eastern European oil executive. According to Republicans, the FBI is in possession of a document alleging that then Vice President Biden took bribes from an oil magnate and that audio recordings exist confirming this.

“Big Guy” as an apparent reference to Joe Biden, has been seen before in an email on his son’s laptop. Hunter Biden, who at one time sat on the board of Ukrainian oil company Burisma, his former business partners who have substantiated the term. Twice before in recent weeks has the President been asked about bribery allegations. In the first occurrence, a reporter asked Biden if audio tapes of him taking bribes existed. Biden then smiled, turned, and walked away, declining to answer the reporter. In the second instance, Biden described the charges as nothing but “malarkey.”

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley stated this week that a Ukrainian energy executive divulged to an FBI agent that they were or are in possession of 17 audio recordings, kept by them as an “insurance policy” of sorts. According to the executive, the recordings document payoffs to the Biden family and consist of 15 recorded calls between them and Hunter Biden and 2 with then Vice President Biden.

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