Biden SOTU Accusations Provoke Wisconsin Senator

( – President Joe Biden’s accusations that Republicans want to end Social Security and Medicare have drawn a sharp rebuke from the right.

During his February 7th State of the Union address, Biden claimed Republicans wanted to end the entitlement programs, affecting seniors and the poor. Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene called the president a “liar” during the speech, and was joined by others on the right booing Biden’s claims.

Now, Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin says Biden was not telling the truth when he tried to paint Republicans as seeking to end the entitlement programs.

Johnson said in 2022 that Social Security and Medicare should no longer be treated as full entitlement programs that run on “mandatory spending” regardless of whether a person needs the benefits. Programs like this, he said, have no oversight and no built-in protections against runaway spending.

At a February 8th rally speech in Wisconsin, Biden continued the same line of argument, claiming Republicans wanted to end Social Security and Medicare without Congressional action. The President showed a brochure that details Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott’s 12-point plan, “Rescue America,” which Biden says would end the entitlement programs.

Biden then tied that idea to statements from Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson. Johnson has called for the Social Security and Medicare programs to be treated as “discretionary” spending, not mandatory. This would require Congress to have to actively budget for the programs annually, bringing more of the oversight Johnson says is necessary.

Johnson isn’t mincing words. He said the President “is lying about me”, and that he lied during the State of the Union as well as during his Wednesday speech in Wisconsin. Johnson said Biden had reversed the truth, and that it was actually the President who “suggested freezing those programs.”

Firebrand Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene defended her accusations against the President. She said she was right to stand up and call the President untruthful, and that she does not “clap for liars.”

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