Biden Support Crumbles in Swing States

( – A new poll commissioned by the New York Times and conducted by academics at Siena College shows that President Biden is significantly trailing who many think will be the Republican nominee in the 2024 presidential race. Biden’s predecessor, former President Donald Trump, is soundly beating the incumbent in five of six key so-called swing states, according to the survey.

The numbers, which were released by the Times on November 5th, show that even in the one swing state he’s currently ahead in, Wisconsin, he only leads by two points. Former President Trump holds what most would consider to be a commanding double-digit 10-point lead in Nevada.

In the States of Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, the ex-head of state is leading the current White House occupant by between four and six points, respectively. Many readers would note that Trump’s lead in polls has come in spite of his four indictments and ongoing civil trial.

Most would also likely admit to being curious as to how one or more convictions could affect his nationwide standing amongst voters. Potential future convictions aside, mainstream outlets are now running pieces that appear to suggest that the current Commander-in-Chief should bow out of his 2024 White House pursuit for the good of his party.

David Axelrod is among a score of high-level liberals who have suggested as much. Biden’s latest poll numbers “will send tremors” through the entire Democratic Party, the former Obama advisor wrote on Twitter in a November 5 post. Some would note that Axelrod is in no way a fan of Donald Trump and in an accompanying tweet, he called the ex-President “dangerous.”

In a November 7th piece, Fox News referred to the Siena College results as devastating and said the numbers were “fueling fear among” the Democratic establishment. According to reports from other outlets, President Biden has also lost support amongst the key demographics of black, Hispanic, Arab, and Muslim voters.

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