Biden Supporter Attorney Recorded Blocking GOP Attorneys From Polling Site (VIDEO)

Biden Supporter Attorney Recorded Blocking GOP Attorneys From Polling Site

( – Serious questions still surround ballot counting procedures throughout the country, particularly in Pennsylvania. Lawyers working for the Trump campaign scored a significant victory in the state on November 5, allowing Trump campaign observers to stand six feet away from any table where election workers counted votes.

Astonishingly, Republican National Committee Rapid Response Director Steve Guest and others posted a clip of a Pennsylvania official denying Trump campaign officials’ access to a Philadelphia facility where election officials were counting votes.

The clip shows Michele Hangley, Philadelphia’s city attorney, arguing with Trump campaign officials, including Trump lawyer and former attorney general for Florida Pam Bondi. Hangley appeared to deny the group access to a facility counting votes despite the court order.

Pam Bondi Identifies Herself, to No Avail

Bondi identified herself as one of President Donald Trump’s lawyers and showed Hangley a copy of the court order. Hangley insisted city officials were considering the meaning of the order. She also told Bondi her office would address the matter in writing. Bondi responded, “No, I’m right here. You don’t need to respond in writing.” The clip ended with Hangley walking away.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Hangley appears to be a supporter of Democratic nominee Joe Biden. On September 3, she tweeted, “We need a landslide” in response to an NBC News clip showing President Trump answering a reporter’s question about a peaceful transfer of power after the election, “win, lose, or draw.”

Hangley recently locked down her Twitter account. Only approved followers can see her posts. One has to wonder what other tweets might say.

President Trump predicted the Supreme Court would ultimately decide the 2020 presidential election results back in September of this year. If actions in Pennsylvania are any indication, he may very well be correct.

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