Biden Touts Electric Car Tax Credits

( – In his characteristic fashion of issuing orders to the population, President Joe Biden said January 30 that “the great American road trip is going to be fully electrified.”

The President made his statement on Twitter in support of his $7,500 tax credit offered to buyers of electric vehicles.

Despite this credit, electric cars remain out of the price range of many Americans. Moreover, plenty of people have no interest in a vehicle that depends on the electric grid, and that can’t travel as far or fuel as quickly as a gasoline-powered car.

President Biden’s choice for his photo op was questionable in the context of an EV tax credit. The GMC Hummer EV he posed inside is not eligible for the credit, as its sticker price exceeds the $80,000 cut off. 

The Hummer itself is, of course, outside the buying power of the average American family. Retailing from $87,000 to $110,000, the road tank is out of reach for many when the median American annual wage is $56,000 a year. 

President Biden is fond of being photographed in luxury vehicles. His classic Corvette Stingray often features in his campaign ads. Earlier this January, lawyers working for the President discovered classified documents in the Wilmington, Delaware, garage where he keeps the antique Chevrolet.

When reporters asked the White House why Biden was promoting an expensive car that doesn’t qualify for the tax credit he is touting, a spokesperson said the President was “committed to lowering the cost of electric vehicles for all Americans.”

Those promoting electric vehicles—overwhelmingly those on the left of the political aisle—have been unable to answer consumer concerns about the practicality of the cars.

EV owners in cold climates report something that is not surprising to anyone who has left a battery out in the winter cold. The car’s charge drops significantly in cold temperatures, limiting the distance EVs can travel.

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