Biden Uses America’s Most Precious Resource for Non-Citizens

Biden Uses America's Most Precious Resource for Non-Citizens

( – The United States faced a humanitarian crisis shortly after the beginning of President Joe Biden’s presidency as authorities struggled to stay on top of the flow of migrants across the poorly protected southern border. The commander-in-chief is now poised to terminate even more protections by canceling the Trump-era Title 42 Expulsion Policy just as CBP is bracing itself for another massive influx of people. Biden is also proposing pulling doctors from the already-exhausted Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to treat and monitor these non-citizens — and Republicans aren’t happy about it.

House Republicans sent a joint letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas expressing their concern. In it, leaders call the suggestion to send these doctors to the border “deeply troubling.”

GOP representatives believe that if VA doctors head to the Southern Border, it will bog down already lengthy wait times for veterans in need. They consider the move absolutely unacceptable, citing critically high wait times of up to 22 days for an appointment, and blame the Biden administration for misusing federal resources.

America’s veterans deserve better than to be treated as a second priority. They sacrificed everything to give immigrants the ability to come to the US and put their lives on the line to ensure freedom. Isn’t that worth more than making them play second fiddle?

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