Biden Visits Ukraine

( – President Joe Biden brought a gift of half a billion US dollars to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskyy during a surprise visit to the capital, Kyiv, on February 20th.

The President’s trip was not announced beforehand. While meeting with Zelenskyy, Biden confirmed the pending arrival of not only money from the US, but also tanks, missiles, and other expensive war artillery.

Biden had been expected to visit Poland, but after arriving in that country, he got on a train for a day-long trip to Ukraine. This trip is the first time Biden has traveled to Ukraine since Russia launched its invasion one year ago.

Congressional Republicans are among the President’s harshest critics regarding the US’ financial and equipment-related generosity to Ukraine. In early February, Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz introduced a “Ukraine Fatigue” resolution aimed at stopping the outflow of US money and armaments.

Americans broadly are questioning why the Biden administration is sending so much American taxpayer money across the ocean to fight a war that the US is not a party to.

In his remarks to Zelenskyy, President Biden said the US has an “unwavering and unflagging commitment to Ukraine’s democracy.” Biden also took a shot at Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying Putin was “dead wrong” for believing that Ukraine was a “weak” target.

Biden continued, saying that later this week, his administration would announce “additional sanctions” against what he called “Russian elites” and companies Biden claims are propping up Russia’s war effort.

This week Biden will also meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda, along with leaders of the Eastern Flank allies. When Biden arrived in Kyiv, the ever-present sirens of war were sounding. He spent five hours in Kyiv before departing.

The US is not the only nation funding Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. While Biden was meeting with Zelenskyy, Japan announced it would be sending Ukraine $5.5 billion in aid.

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