Biden Vows Vaccination Expansion for Monkeypox

Biden Vows Vaccination Expansion for Monkeypox

Vaccine Push Reaches Uncharted Levels

( – The Monkeypox virus continues to spread through the US, prompting concern. In response, the Biden administration is looking for an improved way to get as many people vaccinated as it can. The White House announced a new strategy for combating monkeypox on August 9.

With available vaccines against the virus limited, Biden’s administration needed to come up with a plan of action to make the most of what it had. The White House noted in a recent announcement an approach to change the way patients get the monkeypox inoculation. The new strategy involves reducing the amount a person receives in a shot to just one-fifth of what a doctor would typically inject. In addition to being a much smaller dose, the injection would only go into the upper layer of skin, as opposed to the underlying fatty tissue, which is where physicians normally administer vaccines.

While the Biden administration claims the new procedure is part of its ongoing effort to prevent the disease from spreading, others have different feelings. According to The Hill, the executive Director of National Coalition of STD Directors David Harvey voiced his concern regarding the method.

The director explained there’s not enough research on lowering the dose and injecting the vaccine into the upper layer of skin. Harvey mentioned it may give people a “false sense of confidence” and lead them to believe they’re protected. The director alleged the Biden administration’s course of action seemed “rushed,” asserting it raises several red flags.

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