Biden Walks Out of Medal of Honor Ceremony

( – In a Presidency so full of gaffes, oddities, contradictions, and apparent arrogance, it’s difficult to come up with a solid reason as to why Joe Biden abruptly exited a Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House on September 5th.

Reasons aside, one thing is abundantly clear. After hanging the medal around Army Captain Larry Taylor’s neck and saluting him, the Commander-in-Chief walked through the attending crowd and out the back door before the chaplain’s closing prayer.

The Vietnam-era gunship pilot was left standing totally alone with what many have said is a bewildered look on his face. Taylor, 81, held a cane in one hand and wiped away a tear with his other as he watched Biden exit the room.

The President’s supporters in mainstream media quickly began damage control, mostly by not running stories about what had happened during the final moments of the ceremony. Those who did address it implied that Biden was intentional in his exit and was trying to hand the spotlight over to a war hero.

Later in the day, the administration’s press secretary told the White House press pool that the mask-free President was concerned about exposing the crowd to his possible germs and was only trying to minimize contact. It was announced a day before the event that the First Lady had contracted the virus of the pandemic and was isolating in Delaware.

Army veteran and Texas Rep. Wesley Hunt tweeted that “at least” the President had not glanced at “his watch this time.” The Republican’s seemingly sarcastic quip was referencing the time when Biden appeared impatient during a receiving ceremony for bodies of fallen troops and checked his watch a number of times.

Capt. Taylor pulled off a made-for-Hollywood rescue of servicemen. While under fire, he landed and allowed soldiers to cling to the outside of his two-seat non-transport variety of attack helicopters before flying them to safety.

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