Biden’s Attorney General Preparing to Prosecute People “At Any Level” Over January 6th

Biden's Attorney General Preparing to Prosecute People
Biden's Attorney General Preparing to Prosecute People "At Any Level" Over January 6th

( – On January 6, 2021, supporters of now-former President Donald Trump stormed the steps of the Capitol in protest of electoral college results. They hoped to halt certification of the vote, but their attempts backfired when President Joe Biden managed to secure a win anyhow. Over a year later, some attendees continue to pay dearly for their actions with their freedom. Others remain on the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) radar.

The DOJ has charged around 725 defendants thus far. However, Democrats are growing impatient with what they see as the department’s refusal to go after political leaders they say have ties to the riot — including Trump.

For his part, US Attorney General Merrick Garland defends the DOJ’s investigative process. He’s vowing to chase down all perpetrators, regardless of whether they’re leaders or just everyday Americans.

In a press conference on January 5, Garland outlined the DOJ’s process for tracking suspects connected to the January 6 capitol riots. He claims the department has focused on straightforward cases first as they often provide tertiary evidence for future cases.

AG Garland vowed that the nearly 725 people arrested and charged over the past year won’t be the last. The DOJ allegedly remains dedicated to holding any Capitol riot participants accountable under the law. Garland did say involved parties, such as organizers, could face prosecution for their contributions even if they weren’t specifically present that day.

Notably, Garland used a large portion of his half-hour speech to promote voting rights legislation, falling deeply in line with Democrats.

Justice is supposed to remain blind to religion, race and political affiliations. Yet, the Federal Bureau of Investigations and DOJ have become political weapons. How many more people does the DOJ plan to hold accountable for the January 6 riot? Should anyone present be punished, even if they didn’t commit a crime?

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