Biden’s DHS Allows 60k Migrants into the U.S. Each Month

( – According to a report released by DHS Inspector General Joseph Cuffari, 20% of immigrants crossing the United States are unaccounted for. This amounts to 60,000 immigrants arriving in towns and cities across Texas and other states like Illinois and New York.

The ongoing surge of immigrants is rapidly becoming a national crisis and remains an area of key importance in next year’s election. The Biden Administration refuses to acknowledge the detrimental effect of immigration on the United States despite cries from multiple officials to take action. Biden’s political opponents are campaigning on the White House’s failure to prevent immigration and claim Biden isn’t able to secure the southern border properly. The White House denies any border crisis is unfolding. Still, officials like President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris refuse to visit the US-Mexico border, causing backlash from other elected officials.

The ongoing surge of immigration is costing taxpayers billions, according to the former Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, who demanded President Biden become involved in preventing further illegal immigration surges. Biden remains adamant that his border policies are helping innocent civilians trying to escape a harsh life. Still, many voters believe immigration will increase crime rates and potential cartel influence within the states.

Despite the national cries for the White House to become involved and strengthen the southern border’s security, any policy seems unlikely to become active. The ongoing immigration surge is the most significant influx of illegal immigrants in modern United States history and appears to worsen yearly. Biden’s failure to act satisfied many liberal officials’ humanitarian beliefs, but it could cost him the election if voters aren’t as sympathetic.

The current Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, echoes Bloomberg’s calls for the White House’s involvement. The immigration crisis is hitting New York City hard, forcing Adams to cut funding for city departments and lessen the hours employees can work so he can offset the high costs of an immigration surge. Despite this, Biden refuses to get involved and ignores Adams’ request for a state of emergency declaration. The White House’s policy on immigration remains one of the most controversial elements of Biden’s time in office and will likely play a pivotal role in the upcoming presidential election.

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