Biden’s First Visit To Border Did Not Include Visiting Border

( – President Bident made his first visit to the southern border on Sunday, January 8, avoiding the border itself and opting to meet with officials in El Paso instead. Other things President Biden did not do included meeting residents to hear their concerns, visiting downtown El Paso to see the homeless migrants living on the streets, or taking questions from reporters. 

His visit took him to the processing center at Bridge of Americas, where he was shown a demonstration using canine officers to search cars before moving on to El Paso’s Migrant Processing Center. He was accompanied by CBP agents as well as a small entourage of local Democratic officials, none of whom spoke with the media.

Gov. Greg Abbott was also not an official part of the President’s visit to the border but waited outside Air Force One for Biden to debark in order to speak with him and hand him a letter outlining five actions that could be taken immediately to secure the border. These include enforcing federal law requiring the detention and deportation of illegal immigrants, complying fully with court orders to implement the Remain in Mexico policy, completing the border wall in Texas, retaining Title 42, and designating Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations. 

The Biden administration is actively fighting in court against enforcing the laws already on the books, has resisted classifying the cartels as terrorist organizations, and made a public vow not to continue building the border wall.

Gov. Abbot’s letter, shared on Twitter, pulled no punches. Abbotts’s tweet said Biden’s trip was “$20 billion too little, and two years too late.” He claimed that El Paso had been “sanitized” for the Presidential visit to shield him from the sight of migrant camps and wrote that “Texans are paying a high price for your failure,” with emboldened cartels trafficking fentanyl and people across the border with impunity.

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