Biden’s Speech Showcases How Unfamiliar He Is With the Spending Bill

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Biden Proves He Knows NOTHING About The New Spending Bill

( – Senate Democrats passed the $740 billion Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 by a margin of 51 to 50 on August 7. Just one week later, during an impromptu speech in front of Kentucky flood victims, President Joe Biden talked about how the new legislation takes care of “everything from healthcare to God knows what else.” The commander-in-chief’s words left many legal analysts questioning whether he even knows what the bill contains.

The president called the flooding in Kentucky an “American problem” and promised the administration fully intended to fix it. It appeared he was trying to rally a unifying response from the crowd, but the group remained quiet during the brief interaction.

Biden randomly started talking about putting better Internet lines in the ground while repair personnel bury new water lines during recovery. He also mentioned how people can’t control the weather yet, indicating that it may someday be possible. His off-the-cuff comments didn’t seem to align too well with his mention of the recent inflation reduction measure.

Do you think Biden knows what the package passed by his party contains? Or is he simply reiterating what he’s told to say without giving it much thought?

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