Biden’s Vacation Rental Lands Him in Another Scandal

Biden's Vacation Rental Lands Him in Another Scandal

( – While President Joe Biden was busy sleeping through a memorial service in Hawaii for victims of the Maui wildfires, officials in Nevada said they were investigating the Presidential family’s recent use of a Lake Tahoe vacation property. The property in question is owned by Tom Steyer, the billionaire and climate activist who once took out national advertisements calling for President Trump’s impeachment and removal from office.

It is unclear if the President is culpable for the use of Steyer’s property, but the billionaire property owner is alleged to have violated his own community guidelines in renting his home to the President and his family. Steyer’s Vacation Home Rental guidelines stipulate that a permit must be acquired before temporarily doling out properties to others.

A resident local to the area filed a protest against Steyer upon learning of President Biden’s Lake Tahoe rental. The program manager for local VHR policies confirmed that the resident’s protest is “being researched.”

Ernie Strethlow, the manager that handles said policies, said he’s received a number of questions about the property used by President Biden. Strethlow confirmed that his office was “actively investigating” any potential code violations that took place in the locale.

Douglas County, where Steyer’s property is located, could level a fine of up to $20,000 on the billionaire if it is found that he violated any VHR policies.

Though the sum is likely nothing more than a financial slap on the wrist for the billionaire, the events add more fuel to the fire for the scandal-plagued Biden family. In addition to Congressional investigations, Biden’s latest vacation comes with its own caveat.

Earlier in 2023, it was reported that the President neglected to disclose that he had been allowed to vacation at a handful of luxurious properties owned by wealthy Democratic donors. Government ethics rules obligate the President to report the equivalent of gifts, but those stays were never disclosed in public records.

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